Monday, June 16, 2008

Kathleen's book Save the Males is now available!

Save the Males
Why Men Matter
Why Women Should Care
By Kathleen Parker

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Doug said...


Thank you for loving and valuing your father, husband and sons enough to talk back to pervasively demeaning messages our culture has been sending our nation's children, both boys and girls, about boys and men for years now.

This nation is already fully bombarded with messages intended to keep us in emotionally and verbally "armed" racial, ethnic, and cultural lines. Adding gender to that balkanized list only adds to the list of things that serve to keep us from identifying with, and feeling for, others readily. Not exactly a prescription for national and social survival.

Maybe thats the point. Maybe unhappy and unfulfilled people don't want to see the world of people around them content and fulfilled when they feel such a void in their lives. I just don't know.

Men and western civilization haven't been an unmitigated good for the world. Human beings and civilizations make mistakes.

However, if people were to simply look around without biased eyes for a moment, and simply notice the contribution of men and western civilization to their lives (from the printing press, refrigeration, vaccines and modern medicine, telephony, the notion of human beings having fundamental and inalienable rights that governments are instituted to protect, to just about every subject taught in every university in the world), they might think to challenge the messages that the most miserable offer up as the true picture of the world they inhabit. Why most don't, I don't know.

Anyway, thank you for challenging the current zeitgeist, a zeitgeist that doesn't serve anyone well.